Community Service

This Memorial day weekend me and some of my fellow students went school on Saturday May 28.My A.P teacher Mr. Rojo gave my class the opportunity to help out the homeless by donating and making food to give to the homeless. The event lasted from 6:30-8. We were put in an assembly line to maximize production of the sandwiches. Along with food we could give clothes for donations.


Most of us donated at least one item.


People brought clothes to distribute to the homeless.


After we made the sandwiches we put them in paper bags







The Climate Change Game Review

The Climate Change Game Review

The Climate Change Game Is a interesting game that asks you a question, are you willing to make difficult decisions that jeopardize your term and country for the environment, or will you make decisions that are popular but will lead to rapid increase in global warming. There are three goals you can pursue to win the game. You can win by being a very popular president, saving the environment, or boost the economy. The Climate Change Game gives you 7 possible characters to choose from. Unfortunately though you are only allowed to play as the president of Europe. This game has a very helpful tutorial and the hints are useful if you ever forget how to do anything.

The gameplay is very simple, there were 5 policy categories. Each category has different options that led to different consequences., For example, if you choose to introduce a new sales tax, you will get a brief explanation on the effects., You are also given a good and bad opinion and a meter that will show how popular it is with the public. If you make too many unpopular decisions, you could possibly have your decisions blocked or be evicted from office. A very interesting but unexplored game mechanic was the Global Negotiation. Global Negotiation occurred every 3 turns and ended with certain countries naming a carbon emissions limit. During Global Negotiations your were given a chance to sway the other world leaders to lower their emissions.  The problem with this feature is that I don’t  feel very affected by the negotiations. This game is addicting and I feel I just have to get to the next turn over and over

I played The Climate Change Game twice.  It takes about 30-60 minutes to complete the game. Some issues I found were the difficulty. A suggestion is to let the player chose what continent they would like. I would also be interested in having different continents with different statistics and difficulty that were historically related to the real world., For example, what if North America was at a high difficulty and it polluted more than most of the other countries but has a high income. The climate change game is a fun an addicting game that is missing minor features. It brings attention to issues plaguing our world now.

Score: 8.5/10


(Global Negotiations)


(Playable Characters)


(Screen Pop ups)


(Ending screen)

Fantasy Geopolitics Round 3

November 20th-Yesterday I had Canada. I had 15 points  I’m in 19th place. Ronaldo is ahead of we with 17 points. Yesterday in Canada The Canadian liberals won on a vote

November 21st-Yesterday I had Canada. I had 19 points I’m in 15th place. Mia is ahead of me with 22 points. Yesterday in Canada

November 22nd-Yesterday I had Canada. I had 23 points I’m in 19th place. Jenny is ahead of me with 27 points. Yesterday in Canada

November 23rd-Yesterday I had Canada. I had 27 points I’m in 17th place. Leilani is ahead of me with 35 points. Yesterday in Canada

November 24th- Yesterday I had Canada. I had 32 points I’m in 16th place. Ronaldo is ahead of me with 38 points. Yesterday in Canada

November 25th- Yesterday I had Canada. I had 40 points I’m in 15th place. Ronaldo is ahead of me with 45 points. Yesterday in Canada

November  26th- Yesterday I had Canada. I had 45 points I’m in 15th place. Mia is ahead of me with 49 points. Yesterday in Canada

November 27th-Yesterday I had Canada. I had 60 points and I’m in 15th place. Luis is ahead of me with 64 points. Yesterday in Canada

November 28th-Yesterday I had Canada. I had 78 points I’m in 15th place. Luis is ahead of me with 83 points. Yesterday in Canada

November 29th-Yesterday I had Canada. I had 82 points I’m in 13th place. Diego is ahead of me with 90 points. Yesterday in Canada

November 30th-Yesterday I had Canada. I had 91 points I’m in 15th place. Brandon is ahead of me with 98 points. Yesterday in Canada

December 1st-Yesterday I had Canada. I had 101 points I’m in 15th place. Maribel is ahead of me with 117 points. Yesterday in Canada

December 2nd-Yesterday I had Canada. I had 120 I’m in 15th place. Brandon is ahead of me with 129 points. Yesterday in Canada

December 3rd-Yesterday I had Canada. I had 135 points I’m in 15th place. Diego is ahead of me with 147 points. Yesterday in Canada

December 4th-Yesterday I had Canada. I had 154 points I’m in 15th place. Ronaldo is ahead of me with 163 points. Yesterday in Anastasia Lin a candidate for miss world was not given a vista to get into china for the competition due to her advocacy for human rights and religious freedom in china


Population Pyramids

Population Pyramids are a way to describe the amount of males or females in a country. An example would be a population pyramid can be used to compare the amount of old people in a country in a country, if there are more old people than young a population decline will start.

image (3)

There are different types of growth pyramids. An example would be a rapid growth pyramid. A rapid growth pyramid is has tons of young children but as the ages go on the number of people decline there are many young people but less old people. My chart is generally what countries like the U.S and Australia human growth looks like. There are plenty of old people and plenty of middle aged people and considerably more old people than in rapid growth pyramids. There is also the case of baby boomers. During the time around the time of world war 2 many people America started producing tons of baby’s and the baby boomer generation was born many helped out at home compared to the others who went oversees to fight. A growth pyramid back then would have had tons of people for the younger age.

Fantasy Geopolitics Round 1

Sept. 8 2015- I am currently in 12th place with 80 points, the person above me has 88 points, I currently have Mexico. Local CEO is sad about Mexico’s poverty and low wages. Despite his own success he is sad about the struggles of underprivileged people in Mexico. The reason I kept Mexico is because it was doing well point wise

Sept. 9 2015-I am currently in 12th place with 95 points, the person ahead of me has 91 points, I currently have Mexico. Student in Mexico are disappearing, local authorities are telling the families that the students are probably dead.  The reason I still have Mexico is because its doing well point wise.

Sept. 11 2015- I am currently in 16th place with 141 points, the person ahead of me tied with 141 points. I currently have Mexico. Egyptian guards accidentally kill Mexican tourists. A total of twelve tourists died 10 injured. I continue to keep Mexico because it is a great source for points

Sept. 13 2015-I  am currently in 17th place with 163 points, the person ahead of me has 169 points. I currently have Austria. Migrants were smuggled through Austria and Europe.  The smuggling of the thousands  of migrants is estimated to create billions in profits. An estimated 71 people have died so far from poor conditions.

Sept. 14 2015-I am currently in 16th place with 177 points. I still have Austria. The person ahead of me has 178 points Austria steps up for the migrant crisis. They have been feeding/housing the migrants and helping them into their journey into Germany. I have this country because during the migrant crisis it makes sense to have a country along the migration trail.

Sept. 15 2015- I am currently in 13th place with207 points. I have the country Israel. The person ahead of me has 213 points  there are power outages happening in the Gaza strip which are leading to protests. On one instance 700 Palestinians demonstrated. I switched to Israel because the middle east is usually full of action.

Sept. 17 2015- I am currently in 16th place with 261 points. I have India.  The person ahead of me has 274 points. Local reports confirm that a Saudi Arabian diplomat raped two maids. He has diplomatic immunity and will not be prosecuted. I switched to India because it has earned me a lot of  points.

Sept. 19 2015-I am currently in 16th place with 261 points. I still have India. The person ahead of me has 274 points. Police reports state that 28 people were killed in a lightning storm. I have this country still because it has given me a lot of points.

Sept. 20 2015- I am currently in 16th place and I have 268 points. I have the country India. The person ahead of me has   Indian filmmakers move away from traditional Bollywood movies and started to create movies for a global audience. I chose India because right now a lot of interesting things are happening there.

Sept. 21 2015- I am currently in 16th place I have 283 points. I currently have turkey.  The person ahead of me has 305 points. In turkey the Prime minister staged violent protests against a local newspaper. I chose turkey because it is in the center of action.

Sept. 23 2015- I am currently in 16th place with 318 points. I currently have turkey. The person ahead of me has 325 points. Local cabinet minister steps down from his position due to insurgent activity. I chose turkey because it produces plenty of points for me.

Sept. 24 2015- I am currently in 14th place with 341 points. I currently have turkey. The person ahead of me has 346 points. Turkish citizen are scared that the country is on the brink of a civil war. I have this country because it is an exiting country full of new events

Made in China

      The made in china assignment was to go to a store like Walmart or target and find out where it was made. It was not a random search either we had to find 10 items for 5 category. After that we had to go to google maps and put points on all of the countries that had items on the list. We would then have to post this on our blog like I am now doing.

      Most of the items were put in 2 general areas, the U.S and China. There were other locations to but 86% were in just the U.S and China alone. 100% of items were in the North American continent and Asian continent. The items were not spread out very well they were all in to areas. If I had to make a hypothesis about why most of them are made in America/China it would be that most good are just cheaper to produce in  china and for the items made in America its probably just easier to make it here rather than shell out money for shipping and processing.

      80% of the clothing items were from China. The other 20% is from Mexico and Bangladesh. 30% of the furniture is made by India. 10% is made by the U.S.A . another 10% is made by Malaysia and 50% was made from China. For sports 80% were made by china and the other 20% were taken up by the U.S and Taiwan. China made 60% of electronic items. The U.S took up 30% and Taiwan took up the rest. The U.S.A makes 100% of the items on my list for home furnishing’s.

      The thing all these countries have is their convenience, to the U.S. Asia had plentiful resources and endless amounts of labor. For most items imported to the U.S the main issue is probably travel costs, but other than that it is cheaper to import most goods from other countries. For the items on my list the  company probably made more profit from making it in the U.S rather than importing it.